Autoflowering Bulk Seeds

In Bulk Genetics you can choose from over 100 bulk auto-flowering seeds of the highest quality at the lowest prices on the web. You can buy your seeds from 1 euro and you will receive them at home with the maximum discretion. No matter where you live, we ship worldwide!

Do you need help choosing your autoflowering seeds? Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect variety for you.

  • Auto White Prussian
    4,80 €
    Auto White Prussian is a famous strain for growers around the world and it was just a question of time to give it the auto flowering treatment. A cross between the original White Russian and our special ruderalis plant.
  • Auto New York Diesel x Auto Diesel
    3,76 €
    For the purpose of stabilising this autoflowering strain, the New York Diesel auto was crossed with the Diesel variety to add citrus aromas and improve plant size and yield. Its flowering time is approximately 9 weeks.
  • Auto East Ryder
    4,80 €
    This poly-hybrid was made using our Auto AK and a specially selected Loveryder phenotype. The exquisite fruity aroma from the Loveryder was transferred to the amazing growing performance and appearance of the AK.
  • Mandarine Auto
    2,00 €
    Mandarine Auto is a variety created especially to satisfy the demand of tasty automatic. It comes from the selection of a special phenotype of New York Diesel known to produce a great citrus flavor, similar to grapefruit and mandarin.
  • AK Auto
    2,00 €
    This variety provides a main structure with a typically Indica-like shape, branching out generously with tight resin-rich buds. It stands out for its indoor performance and its resistance to plagues.
  • Auto Somango x Auto Blueberry
    3,76 €
    A fast-growing vigorous strain with a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. This plant will grow fast, quickly loading up with abundant resin-laden buds. In most cases, the calyxes and also certain leaves will tend to take on a reddish or even purple tone towards the final flowering stages.
  • Auto Northern Light x Auto Sweet
    3,76 €
    Feminized autoflowering variety, with terrifying taste and sweet touches.
  • Auto Chronic
    3,76 €
    When it comes to the final production, this strain yields a surprisingly good result. Though it will appreciate any nutrients you can add in during cultivation, its simplicity also makes them unnecessary during care. Fast flowering time and potent effects.
  • Big Bud Auto
    2,00 €
    Bigger Bud Automatic is a Super auto flowering variety with massive yields. It was achieved by crossing Bigger Bud with another high yielding auto strain. The result is an incredible yielding auto ideal for sea of green and any commercial garden.
  • Northern Lights Auto
    2,00 €
    Years of work selecting from the three original strains of Northern Lights have resulted in this perfect phenotype that is considered the world's most potent Indica strain. Tight, compact, fast and highly productive.
  • Auto Cheese XXL
    2,00 €
    The variety known as Cheese emerged in London in the late 1980s.It was selected from a pack of Skunk # 1 from Sensi Seeds by a squatting squad called "Exodus".
  • Auto Ak x Auto Critical
    3,76 €
    An autoflowering combination of the famous AK-47 and the auto version of the tasty Critical +. It has an 8-week flowering period, during which it can reach a height of over 2 feet, branching out generously with plenty of vigour.
  • Auto Somango x Auto Sweet Tooth
    3,76 €
    A predominantly Indica strain, a tall strong plant with buds loaded with lots of sticky resin. Its flowering time will generally span around 8 weeks, though it may sometimes extend to 9. 
  • OG Kush Auto
    2,00 €
    Auto OG Kush has a similar mix of complex flavors and exotic lemony diesel fragrances than the original. It has a powerful effect that last's long and acts physical and mental.
  • White Dwarf x Auto Max
    3,76 €
    Hybrid variety, a cross between extraordinary flavours.
  • Critical Auto
    2,00 €
    This is the choice of professional growers: A powerful Indica with monster buds that will amaze you for both its potency and production. Very intense flavour and aroma.
  • Auto White Dwarf
    4,80 €
    Auto White Dwarf is an autoflowering variety with a distinctive scent and a sweet flavour. A medium sized dwarf plant with lots of fruity flavours that radiate and fill every room with their pungent smell.
  • Auto Northern Lights x Auto Ak
    3,76 €
    A large, productive and well-ramified plant yielding long dense, sticky buds with a sweet fruity flavour and a soothing effect. Ideal for medicinal use. Its flowering time ranges from 9 to 10 weeks.
  • Auto Gorilla Glue
    4,80 €
    The Auto Gorilla Glue is a hybrid variety with great resin production, a fantastic automatic genetics which has a duration of 75 days, after that you can enjoy this exquisite plant with a powerful THC of more than 27%.
  • Auto Black Domina XXL
    2,00 €
    Its genetics is a black domina regular not autoflowering that with 12 generations crossing it with northern lights auto we have managed to transmute the autoflowering gene.

People often think that autoflowering bulk cannabis seeds are of low quality because their price is low, but nothing could be further from the truth. All our seeds are varieties that are tried and tested with excellent results.

With a germination rate of over 97% and a very cheap price, we can assure you that they are among the best bulk autoflowering seeds you can find on the market.

Advantages of bulk autoflowering seeds

An added advantage is that of multiple harvests. Because autoflowering seeds flower automatically, they allow for earlier harvesting, increasing growers' potential to harvest up to three times or more per year.

The main advantage of auto-flowering bulk marijuana seeds is that they offer us a very fast crop. They grow incredibly fast, this makes them ready in 2 to 3 months from germination, being an ideal option for those who need to harvest as soon as possible.

The plants from the auto-flowering bulk seeds are more resistant to disease and mold. Due to the hybridisation of Cannabis Ruderalis (a type of cannabis known to grow in harsh and adverse conditions) with high quality strains, these plants tend to resist the same problems that could paralyse and ultimately destroy other types of plants.

Another advantage they offer is their price. Here you can buy cheap, high quality auto-flowering marijuana seeds in bulk.

Autoflowering bulk seeds from 1 euro

Without a doubt this kind of seeds have the best value for money of the autoflowering bulk marijuana seeds. If you don't want to spend a lot of money these seeds are your best option, they are cheap but high quality seeds.

You can buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in bulk in packages of up to 100 seeds.

Which varieties of bulk autoflowering seeds to buy?

The choice of a bulk autoflowering seed will depend on the taste and effect you are looking for, as well as the growing time you have available.

The variety Auto Critical 2.0 is a good seed with a high production and fruity taste. With this seed we can achieve very fast plants and produce buds in 2 months.

If you want to make a large crop you can choose Auto Northern Lights. This plant is ideal for smokers who like a dense smoke with an earthy taste and a relaxing effect. You can grow up to 9 plants per square meter.

If you like a sweet taste we recommend the Auto Maxi Gom seeds, with which you can enjoy the taste of tropical fruits. These plants are very discreet on balconies so it is an ideal choice for growing outdoors.

Another seed that may interest you is the Auto Widow, although the size of its plants is quite large and usually has some pretty big buds. If you are starting with the cultivation of marijuana we recommend not to put more than 9 plants per square meter.

The variety Auto Diesel generates a high production and with a bittersweet taste and nuances of diesel.

If you want to go for a fixed size of plants it is best to use 3 month old autoflowering seeds like Magnum Auto, Auto New York Diesel or AK Auto. All these bulk autoflowering seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

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