• Auto Northern Lights x Auto Ak
    3,00 € In Stock
    A large, productive and well-ramified plant yielding long dense, sticky buds with a sweet fruity flavour and a soothing effect. Ideal for medicinal use. Its flowering time ranges from 9 to 10 weeks.
  • Auto Gorilla Glue
    2,00 € In Stock
    The Auto Gorilla Glue is a hybrid variety with great resin production, a fantastic automatic genetics which has a duration of 75 days, after that you can enjoy this exquisite plant with a powerful THC of more than 27%.
  • Auto Black Domina XXL
    1,00 € In Stock
    Its genetics is a black domina regular not autoflowering that with 12 generations crossing it with northern lights auto we have managed to transmute the autoflowering gene.
  • Auto Ak x Auto Somango
    3,00 € In Stock
    Its strong flavour with sweet long-lasting tones make this strain a delicatessen for the most demanding palates. It stands out for producing a creamy resin to get your fingers nice and sticky.
  • Auto Sour Diesel
    1,00 € In Stock
    This variety stands out for its elegance and its vigorous growth. An ideal choice for a stealthy grow. Uncomplicated and easy to cultivate. Fast flowering time. It produces dense sticky, compact buds.
  • White Dwarf x Auto Ak
    3,00 €
    Hybrid between two superpowerful varieties, of excellent production and a devastating effect.
  • Jack Herer Auto
    1,00 € In Stock
    It combines the tropical high of Sativas with the generous resin yields of the Indica variety. At its critical period the buds become coated in sugary trichomes reaching right up to the lanceolate leaves, the fan leaves and even the stems.
  • Auto Bubblegum
    2,00 € In Stock
    This strain was created in Indiana, USA. After it came to Holland as a clone-only strain, it became an immediate hit among smokers because of its unique, juicy flavors and its powerful euphoric high.
  • Auto Northern Lights x Auto Blueberry
    3,00 € In Stock
    Strong medicinal effect. This Indica is an ideal choice for soothing chronic pain and illnesses. A subtle fragrance of forest fruits and a pleasant soothing effect. Ideal for meditation and relaxing.
  • Auto Hindu Kush
    2,00 € In Stock
    Automatic Hindu Kush is another automatic F1 hybrid that we added to our collection. The buds from this variety are thick and coated with sweet resin.
  • Auto Critical AK
    1,00 € In Stock
    By crossing the second generation of autoflowering plants to maximize hybrid vigour, we have developed this third generation automatic strain that produces higher yields and taller plants that can easily reach 70-100cm
  • Auto Amnesia
    1,00 € In Stock
    Autoflowering variety, predominantly Sativa. It provides quality yields with a fast and discreet growth, as well as adapting well to different climate conditions. A medium-height plant, easy to grow, short flowering time.
  • Auto Super Bud
    3,00 € In Stock
    A hybrid with a strong Indica predominance that stands out for its vigorous growth. It ends up with a bushy outline due to its generous ramifications. This fast-growing hybrid will be ready for harvesting in about 8 weeks after flowering time.
  • Auto Caramel
    2,00 € In Stock
    Our three-way crossbreed of Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino was grown on a large scale. One particularly heavy yielding specimen was chosen out of many and we crossed it with a autoflowering Northern Lights hybrid.
  • Auto Northern Lights x Auto Cheese
    3,00 € In Stock
    This shrub-like plant will produce yields of usually compact buds with well-defined calyxes. Smoking it will remind us of the Cheese variety, with its equally strong Skunk flavour and aroma often reminiscent of old cheese.
  • Auto Amnesia Kush
    1,00 € In Stock
    This hybrid shows a lot of different pheno's. This strain is suitable for SOG, SCROG, LST.
  • Auto Super Skunk
    1,00 € In Stock
    A tall easy-to-grow strain thanks to its resistance to plagues. It is also quite forgiving of those minor mistakes made by beginners. Its vigorous growth makes it an extremely productive plant with real rock-hard buds.
  • Auto Power Plant
    2,00 € In Stock
    This strain is a autoflowering inbred sativa variety from South Africa that has an astonishing grow potential. Power Plant is great for a closet & homebox garden.
  • Auto Destroyer
    3,00 € In Stock
    Its stunningly fast production is the best cover letter for this Sativa-dominant hybrid. A great choice from a medicinal perspective, the Auto Destroyer will bring guaranteed destruction to chronic pain and joint issues, as well as dealing with depression, stress and fatigue. Its fruity orange flavour will conquer your palate from the first hit.
  • Auto Northern Lights x Auto Critical
    3,00 € In Stock
    This plant combines the best of the Northern Lights Auto and the best of Auto Critical. A tall plant with a fruity flavour and aroma and a relaxing effect. A predominantly Indica hybrid producing a medium-size but high-quality yield in an 8-week flowering period.

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