• Jack Herer x Somango
    3,00 € 5 In Stock
    A hybrid that is recommendable for all growers, beginners or experts alike. And the same goes for consumption, being one of the most sociable strains on the market.
  • Power Plant
    1,00 € In Stock
    This strain is a inbred sativa variety from South Africa. It has a very high resin production and an astonishing grow potential. Because these plants have never been hybridised and have a short flowering time compared to most sativas it is a very desired variety by the sativa connoisseurs.
  • Skunk x Jack Herer
    3,00 € In Stock
    In this hybrid, our intention was to combine the best characteristics of every strain into something special, especially for growers who are keen on obtaining the kind of cannabis legends are made of.
  • New York Diesel x Jack Herer
    3,00 € In Stock
    The Jack Herer strain, selected for its high production and penetrating aroma, results in a robust plant with long buds that will fill up during the flowering stage with an aromatic layer of resin with a touch of Diesel. Typical power and flavour.
  • Skunk x Orange Bud
    3,00 € In Stock
    The structure of this variety gives it a very photogenic look with its multiple spindly branches reaching right up, an ideal position for getting lots of sunlight for a proper bud development.
  • Black Domina x Critical
    3,00 € In Stock
    It is characterised by its vigorous growth. A short but very compact plant. Its ability to produce hard, compact and sizeable buds with a high resin content make it a great choice for indoor growers.
  • Northern Lights x White Widow
    3,00 € In Stock
    A fusion of the most potent Indicas of all times. Northern Lights, and the white cannabis jewel White Widow. A robust plant featuring an Indica structure and long white buds.
  • Cheese x White Widow
    1,00 € In Stock
    A radiant appearance thanks to its powerful growth rate, producing big long, resin-rich buds with a typical smell of Cheese. An ideal choice for temperate climates. Care must be taken with its penetrating aroma when growing it indoors.
  • Grapefruit
    2,00 € In Stock
    Grapefruit was a popular clone-only strain in the late 80's in Vancouver and lower mainland area of British Columbia. Our feminized Grapefruit version comes from this elite clone and has an astounding taste and unbeatable smell, which can be compared with a mixture of fresh grapefruit and pineapple. 
  • White Widow
    1,00 € In Stock
    Possibly the most famous cannabis strain of all times, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands. Its a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a special resin enhancer in form of a South Indian indica.
  • Blueberry Kush
    1,00 € In Stock
    Indica dominant that produces a high yield with a wonderful blueberry flavor along with the unmistakeable feeling that high quality Kush gives you, a real heavy yielder with loads of taste.
  • Northern Lights
    1,00 € In Stock
    Northern Lights is a small / medium-sized plant, with a solid structure and long leaves, producing thick, compact buds that bloom on the central stem and lateral branches.
  • Critical x Ak
    3,00 € In Stock
    This hybrid is ideal for those looking for a stable lasting high, with a contrasting relaxing effect. And we mustn't forget the creative component for inventive minds. This variety will surprise you with its huge yields and thick buds.
  • Kali Mist x Super Silver Haze
    3,00 € In Stock
    Extraordinary combination between the mythical sativa Kali Mist, with abundant production and exquisite flavor. And the renowned Super Silver Haze, with its unbeatable Haze touch.
  • Skunk x Cheese
    3,00 €
    This cross-breed will produce rock-hard buds just loaded with resin, with an aroma that's somewhere between spicy and sugary. It is quite a fast-flowering variety, though its production a feature inherited from its Skunk genes is simply magnificent.
  • White Widow x Super Silver
    3,00 € In Stock
    Feminized variety of great yield and good flavor.
  • Durban Venom
    1,00 € In Stock
    One of the rare unadulterated sativas on the market, Durban Venom provides a big energy boost, which makes it a go-to strain for daytime
  • Super Lemon Haze
    1,00 € In Stock
    The Super Lemon Haze have an incredibly intense lemony flavour, with a strong haze background. It's a sharp and intense taste, which reminds of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, followed by a haze aftertaste, with traces of incense and black pepper.
  • Early Skunk x Black Domina
    3,00 € In Stock
    Early Skunk x Black Domina stands out for its excellent results and reliable outdoor behaviour. We may say that Early Skunk is without a doubt the best variety along with Black Domina: it's resistant, fast and amazingly vibrant, capable of producing exuberant harvests of moist dark, heavy, frosty buds in almost any climate.
  • Northern Lights x Cheese
    3,00 € In Stock
    This variety is a cross between two legendary strains capable of exceeding 2 metres in height in outdoor cultivation. A greedy plant that will reward you with an enormous yield.

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