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At Bulk Genetics you can buy a wide variety of regular bulk seeds at the best price with the highest guaranteed quality. We ship worldwide with the utmost discretion.

Do you need help choosing a variety of regular marijuana? We will help you choose the right one for you!

  • Jack Herer (Regular)
    2,00 €
    The cream of the crops and perhaps the most exquisite ganja you will ever encounter; this strain ranks as the most awarded variety in the history of harvest festivals. Nine awards and counting would be the pinnacle of recognition for any strain, yet Jack Herer manages to go a step further and bears the distinction of being distributed under prescription...

Regular marijuana seeds are among the most demanded by experienced growers. It is quite common for experienced growers to always buy regular marijuana seeds.

Just as for a beginner grower a feminized seed is better because this way we won't find ourselves growing male plants, for the more expert growers this little help is no longer necessary because they know how to avoid such details.

What are regular bulk seeds?

Regular bulk seeds are seeds that have not undergone any kind of processing for feminization. They are the marijuana seeds of a lifetime until feminized seeds appeared.

If we use these seeds, in 50% of the cases we will have male plants and in the other 50% we will have female plants. That's why many growers prefer to avoid this situation.

So why not always buy feminized seeds?

This is because if we want to have a marijuana mother plant it is better to do it with regular marijuana seeds, because if we do it with feminized seeds they are more susceptible to hermaphroditism. And so you have to get rid of the plants.

In addition to the above, by growing a cannabis plant from regular seeds in bulk we will benefit from the advantages we will see below.

Advantages of bulk regular cannabis seeds

As seeds that have not been genetically modified, regular cannabis seeds grow stronger and more vigorous.

Production and quality are usually excellent. The aroma and taste of regular genetics is much more intense than that of feminized seeds.

Another major advantage is the effect, if you use regular marijuana seeds in bulk the buds of your plants will produce more cannabinoids, which will increase the potency when consumed.

More productive regular cannabis bulk seeds

Among the most productive varieties of regular bulk marijuana seeds we can find Critial Mass, Black Widow, NL5 x Haze, Northem Lights Regular, Jack Herer Regular, etc.

Cheap regular bulk seeds

If you're looking for cheap regular ganja seeds we suggest you consider the following strains: Northern Lights Regular, Black Domina Regular, Jack Herer Regular, Afghani1 Regular, Skunk1 Regular, Badazz Regular, Hash Plant Regular, Big Bud Regular, Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Regular, White Widow Regular and Chocolope Regular.

You can find many regular bulk seeds for 1 euro, if you are an expert in growing marijuana you know that this type of seeds are right for you.

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